Diana and Kate Power Hour

So I’m still really mad about the changes to Batwoman. I still love the character, but I’m considering dropping the comic eventually :( especially since they feel the need to tie her into Batman more. Blegh.

I’m back!

Sporadic post time!

Sooo the whole Batwoman issue that has been happening recently. Not good. I really got into the series and character for the art. And then the whole thing with the marriage not happening… I dont even know if I will continue reading it (Okay, I will.) As long they dont mess with Wonder Woman’s main series I’ll be happy. This is as ranty as I will get, seeing as other people have covered everything better. I will hopefully be back to posting things again soon!

Hiatus time..

While I take time to get situated in my new apartment (with no internet right now) and get use to working at my new job, I will be taking a break from posting, besides a sporadic post when I can. When I return, it will be better than ever!

  • Been moving, and I have no internet most the time.. But I didn't forget the blog!
Oh yeah!

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